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Best Online School Management System

Today is a great day for the entire team of EdPlug as we officially launch the web based school management system for the Pakistani market. After months of research, development and testing; finally we can now proudly claim if not the best then probably one of the best school management system is in the reach of any school in Pakistan. On this occasion we would like to thank our school partners who gave us the opportunity to test the software within their schools and also kept on providing useful feedback that led to incremental changes and improvements in the software.

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Education Management System

Some people think an education management system is something different then a school management system. We are often as this question is EdPlug and education management system or a school management system. Actually both are the same and therefore some people use the name interchangeably. Basically the essence of good software for a school would be to effectively manage it and strengthen the communications within the school and engagements with parents.

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Finance & Accounting Software for Schools

Whenever we have had conversation with any school, the foremost question we have been asked is about how can EdPlug handle school finances and accounts. Our market research has shown that schools are looking for good accounting software that can solve their financial woes. Since fee structures vary considerably across different classes and even within classes, this coupled with the fact that some students avail discounts while other are on installments make it more difficult to manage the accounts of a school.

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