by getting the marketing edge with a smart
    and reliable school management system
    that is easy to use and affordable
    in pricing
    Fully functional modules
    In-depth reporting & tools
    Full graphical user interface
  • Is your school on the road to become a smart school?
    EdPlug is your key to a smart school

Our Story

We believe nowadays managing daily operations of a school, creating academic excellence and constantly communicating with parents has become very difficult for each and every school. This is why we have created EdPlug.


Instant Use

Fully developed and tested software ready for instant use by any school without any need for customizations


Research Driven

Development has been done after months of research in how different schools operate and are managed


24/7 Technical Support

No need for any new hardware or technical resources for maintenance and 24/7 support is always available

Unbelievably low rates starting at just $1 per student


EdPlug has been created to help schools with their daily operations, finances, communication with parents and managing employees & students. Some snapshots of how easily and efficiently it is being achieved.


Major Modules


Analytical Tools




User Types

Major Features

We guarantee that we offer the best features on the market.
Feel free to compare and ask for additional details.

Modules & Dashboards

There are several modules and user types based dashboards in EdPlug that helps you handle day to day activities of your school with less stress.

Analytical Tools

Powerful in-built tools that provides deep analytical insights, patterns and trends in both formats; organized tables and visually appealing graphs.

Reports Generator

More than 100 types of exportable reports that cover everything within your school. Generate extensive reports based on your choice of indicators.

User Dashboards

Any number of users can be created and each and every user can be given its own set of user access rights and roles within the system.

  • Arif Khan

    Owner IIUI Schools – Mardan
  • Zeeshan Kiyani

    Core Group Leader Kiran
  • Jawad Iqbal

    Chairman at Innovative Youth Forum

  • EdPlug is exactly the tool we needed for our school. It is simple to use and didn’t take our staff much time to get used to. Parents also find it very useful and easy to use.

  • With EdPlug, our donors can now see real-time academic progress of children and instantly flag any abnormal drop in student enrollment and daily attendance counts.

  • This is the best tool I can imagine for a school in this modern age of internet and mobile gadgets. Pakistan is far behind in terms of education in the comity of nations and we needed such an ed-tech innovation to catch-up with the world.